8 track recording

"Less is more". Nowadays we have a lot of options, sometimes more than 64 channels to record so we overdub, try it again and again, to eliminate mistakes.

Sometimes we easily forget that a song has a story that you want to tell and if it comes out after recording it and catch you, and the people feel and hear what you wont to tell you have maby 58 channels left ore more.
People are not machines and you cannot play on command, the best thing that you can do is playing your song in the right ambient without stress, without worrying about time. We believe that you don’t need all that tracks if you want your song to come out after you record it. And what is exactly a mistake when the story that you want to tell will come out.

8 track recording in the "templo da musica" is a project where we offer to artists the possibility to record completely analog. We use old good material to capture the real sound. We only will use an 8 track Tascam ATR 1/2 inch machine an old Studer 169 mixing table ( famous because of his very clean sound) Akg spring reverb and old DBX 160 compressors. For more informations call or send a email.

Tascam ATR 60
Tascam DV-RA 1000 HD

Studer 169

8 Drabteknik SD 701 Dual Preamplifier ( custom build by Jan Drabbe)

Klark DN 27 Graphic EQ
White series 4001

DBX 160 compressor
DBX 165A Overeasy/compressor
EMT 257 Limiter

AKG BX 20 Spring reverb
Dynacord EC 504 Tape echo
Lexicon Primetime Delay model93

AKG D224e
Calrec CM1050C (2x)
Drabteknik SD/DI (3x)
Electrovoice RE-20
Grundig VP12
Microtech Geffel 930 (2X)
Microtech Geffel 940
Sennheiser MD 421 (3x)
Sennheiser MKZ 415T (3x
Sennheiser E602
Shure SM57 (1x)
Studio Projects C1
Studio Projects C3
Telefunken TD21
Uher M155

KRK 6000
Sony SMS 1P
Studer 2706

DAA. Acoustic Panels (made by Donar Audio)
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