The Forgotten Knowledge Studios

In 2012 Donar Audio is beginning a new journey with the creation of a new studio called The Forgotten Knowledge Studio in Portugal. This space will be equipped with vintage and new analog gear, and will offer the possibility of printing the recordings on vinyl, thus keeping intact the analog sound of our recordings, without using digital gear whatsoever. Of course, for those who are not prepared to go back in time and want to leave the studio with a digital format, the Studio will also have the capacity of mastering on CD.

The Forgotten Knowledge Studio philosophy aims to never under-estimate the emotive component of a recording.
Music is a powerful tool and the equipment used to record the art of music should be as clear and transparent as that art. The main goal is to enhance and stand beside of any music project that aims to reach the listener with interpretation that set them into a sate of mind that support the musicians ideas.
Being our job to support that communication and do our best not to do any harm to it. And most importantly enrich and magnify the artistic message.

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