The Analog Recording

What distinguishes Donar Audio from other recording studios is that Donar Audio works exclusively with analog technology.
Even with the arrival of digital technology, which speeds up and simplifies the recording process, Wout has chosen to remain faithful to analog recording, he firmly believes that there is more soul and purity in the analog process. Recording in such a realistic manner, it reproduces the instruments harmonics in a much more natural way. As a matter-of-fact he is not alone in his believe and a growing number of musicians are now getting back to analog recording.

We also build and use various acoustic panels in recording. Which allow us to modify some aspects of the sound in a recording process, allowing to modify sound characteristics of the room and instruments. This vintage way of recording was often used in the old days by great producers and musicians to create historic recordings. No equalization used in the recording process! Its the microphone, the preamp and the tape. That's it, the rest is pure art !!!

The Forgotten Knowledge Studio

In 2012 Donar Audio is beginning a new journey with the creation of a new studio called The Forgotten Knowledge Studio in Portugal. This space will be equipped with vintage and new analog gear, and will offer the possibility of printing the recordings o... More info ››

8 track recording

"Less is more" Nowadays we have a lot of options, sometimes more than 64 channels to record, so we overdub, try it again and again, to eliminate mistakes. Sometimes we easily forget that the song has a story that you want to tell an... More info ››


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