Donar Audio is proud to represent some brands that we tested and believe in. In the last 18 years we tried a lot of different equipment, not only to upgrade our own recording but also to be able to give our clients good audio advice and acoustic advice.On this moment we are talking with more interesting company that we already have to promote them gear that your not now that its exist, to Portugal and Spain.
In the Forgotten knowledge studio we will offer demonstration days and will explained about our products that we will represent to you. Buying stuff isn´t a problem, people forget most of the time the room acoustics, even when you buy a lot of expensive stuff it can happen that it will not be satisfied.
The last 8 years Donar Audio has invest a lot of time in finding good acoustic solutions and finally we create our own acoustic solution DA.Acoustics panels..

DA.Acoustic panels

DA.Acoustic Panels Types - DA.A-WB708 wall panel wide band, size 120x60x12 cm : DA.A-LP708 wall panel low peak, size 120x60x13cm D... More info

Gotham Audio Cables

For more than 38 years Gotham Audio Cables have been supplying there superior range of professional audio cables to the audio-industry. Gotham kept there range a unique assortment of professional products, not compromising there goal, a c... More info

Gotham Prefab Cables

BALANCED ANALOG AUDIO CABLES XLR Gotham Gac3 10701 3-conductor cable. (Neumann cable) 3 Conductor cable featuring double reussenshield and 115 dB RF cancelation wiring in connector 5.0 diameter/... More info

Microtech Geffell

History off Microtech Gefell - Georg Neumann invented the condenser microphone. He founded his eponymous microphone company, Georg Neumann Co., with partner Erich Rickmann in 1928. Together, they developed the M7 capsule and the... More info

2nd Hand Gear for Sale

Here's the list of all the 2nd hand gear for sale More info

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