In 1999 Wout Straatman started a small studio in the village of Cuijk in the Netherlands under the
name “Estudio Donar”. The Portuguese name “Estudio Donar” was no coincidence, it expressed the
wish to take recording out of restless Holland and into the inspiring settings of laidback Portugal.
In the last 18 years numerous albums and songs were recorded and mastered. One of the last
productions in Holland was “Jasper” with his album "Coming home". In 2007
the transition to Portugal was made and several productions followed, such as “Sean Riley & the
Slowriders” debut album “Farewell” among other Recordings.

Artists are no machines and cannot play on command, they need a time and a place where they can play
without stress!

The Forgotten Knowledge Studio/Art Center

Just like the current 8-track recording studio The Forgotten Knowledge Studio/Art Center will be
equipped with all our vintage gear as well as new analog equipment. The main goal will be analog
recording using acoustic panels and preamps. Back to the basics. In the recording process no
equalization is used: It’s the microphone, the preamp and the tape that's it, the rest is pure art!

Apart from being a studio The Forgotten Knowledge Studio/Art Center works together with various
local, national and international painters, photographers and designers who support and believe in
our vision and philosophy.

The Forgotten Knowledge Studio/Art Center is the last resort where musical ideas –however weird-
get a chance to be promoted without the undermining effects of commercialization. Those who
come to our studio can leave with an originally designed album pressed on vinyl, thus keeping the
analog sound intact. Of course we can (if desired) also master all our recordings on CD.

What we want to develop:

Street musician Project
Fair-trade Label, Forgotten Knowledge
Acoustic-Panels & Art
Recording Traditional Styles and Instruments
Community Projects

Our special gratitude goes out to the authorities and community of Penela, Portugal for giving us a
beautiful place. We thank them and all our amazing friends for their natural
believe in this project. May the creative dreams of many come true!
If you feel thought by our vision, If you have ideas or suggestions, If you want to support us or want
to get involved: Get in contact

Donar Audio Sales

Donar Audio represents several brands of sound equipment that we tested and believe in like
Microtech Gefell microphones, Gotham Audio Cables and the DA.Acoustic panels which are a
product developed and manufactured by Donar Audio. All these products can be demonstrated
and tested at The Forgotten Knowledge Studio/Art Center. Apart from sales Microtech-Geffel
(the company of Georg Neumann) also supports us with vintage microphones from their museum
collection for our recordings. For more information about our products visit Sales.

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